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In Southern Italy, food is a cultural centerpiece!


When Chef Ben first visited his extended family in Calabria, he was amazed at the intensity of the flavors within every dish; sitting down and having 4 hour dinners, course after course, each being better than the last. Every dish was so simple - three, maybe four ingredients... yet bursting with flavor. He wondered how every bite could consistently be so incredible. The family explained that the secret was, "Torricella"! 

Torricella (Tor-ee-ch-ella) is a "Quartiere" or neighborhood in Corigliano, Calabria, where the Sapia and Forte families have lived for generations. They have been fishing in the Mediterranean, farming from their acres of orchards and gardens & sourcing almost everything they eat from within a 50km radius. They truly live sustainably off the land. 

Torricella Pizzeria aims to capture this mantra. Using simple, fresh ingredients from local farms to create bold flavors. Pizza, Pasta and Salad are some of Italy's most humble dishes, yet they encapsulate a culture. Torricella Pizzeria brings these classic dishes and elevates them with a modern twist. We are excited to transport you to Torricella with our flavors and show you what Chef Ben tasted all those years ago. 

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With an emphasis on fresh, simple and traditional ingredients in our pizzas, pastas and salads - our menu is a love letter to Torricella.

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